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Android-x86-4.4-r3 (Stable)

I was waiting for the Lollipop release of Android-x86, and was thus not intending to check out Release 2 (and 3). But I was alerted to the fact that Release 1 had lost all it audio! Sure enough, no sound at all! The update of some app most have affected the audio properties. So I installed Release 2, and the audio was okay. Then I realized Release 3 had just become available. So I installed Release 3 to my PC's test partition (spec of PC). Here is a quick review, mainly focusing the problems I had with Release 1

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The most favourable difference was that the BBC iPlayer worked, the app (did not complain about not having a media connection!) as well as the website, with both Firefox and the Chrome browser - and I had not installed Flash. There was some buffering and audio lag, especially with the browsers. With Release 1 the only way I could run the iPlayer was using XBMC. Now Kodi would not work, so I had to stay with XBMC (probably due to KitKat). The VLC Media Player did work now, but not the MX Player nor the Real Times.

Other TV players that did not work were the ITV Player, SVT play and Play SE, though Play 4 did work. Like before I could not change to another keyboard. I did not spend too much time trying to get the apps to work, so do take this as a first impression! The other apps that you can see in the screenshot did work.

My PC has a wired ethernet connection to the router, which also provides WiFi. Chromecast did work with LocalCast, but not with AllCast, which demanded WiFi. To explore this further I made a partition image with Partimage and cloned the (persistant) partition onto a USB-stick, and run it on my wife's Laptop, which has WiFi. Chromecast, AllCast and LocalCast all worked fine. The BBC iPlayer worked fine as per above on the USB-stick, also when booting it on the Laptop.

Android-x86 r3 (stable)