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Ebooks - my experience

In the autumn of 2010 we bought a Kindle, the original 7 " with keyboard, wifi only. We enjoyed reading all the classics that we could download for free from a multitude of sources. Must confess that I rather prefer reading recent thrillers. I then checked with my local library at their Lancashire website. This was very disappointing - I did not find any book I wanted to read. The conditions for the Editors/Authors must be so bad that they don't want to avail their books to electronic distribution.

Then I heard from Swedish friends about the excellent availability of recent books. I got myself a free Swedish library card and checked the website of the Uppsala Library. Yes, the supply was fantastic, you were allowed to download 5 items per week and you had 28 days to read them before they expired. I read a lot and built up quite a stock of Jo Nesbø, Håkan Nesser and Liza Marklund (this is when I got the Kindle Elbow). After the success of Stieg Larsson there suddenly appeared many new, optimistic Swedish crime writers. They were not all good though. But I would like to mention the team Roslund-Hellström, where Roslund used to be a journalist and Hellström used to be a criminal. I especially enjoyed their Three Seconds.

A year later I read that the Swedish Ebooks were becoming too expensive - the libraries having no funds left to buy hardbacks. Since then the supply of new thrillers has dwindled, so I suppose that the generous terms have been renegotiated. Instead I now search the Lancashire website for new thrillers, reserve them online, get a phone call when they arrive at my local library, and pay £0.60 each for the pleasure of reading the hardback editions.

In July 2012 I bought the original Nexus 7 tablet, wifi only. The colour display is excellent, but in a sunny environment the glaring gets too much, which makes reading on the Kindle preferrable.

Most Ebooks you buy are DRM protected (Digital Rights Management). You can find excellent information about Ebook formats and about DRM at Apprentice Alf´s Blog