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Free Spotify on Mobile Phones

Yesterday Spotify allowed free listening on mobile phones and tablets, which had previously only been allowed for desktops and laptops. The timing was very fortunate, because 10 days earlier my workaround for getting free Spotify on my tablet had stopped working.

My Nexus 7 tablet had been upgraded to KitKat (Android 4.4) and I could no longer get the sideloaded flash to work. When starting Spotify with Firefox (forcing Desktop version) on the tablet I got this error message: "To enjoy Spotify, install Adobe Flash. It's free." This does not work, of course! But why would Spotify need Flash??

I first tried to apply my workaround to Dolphin, for which a sideloaded Flash hack had become available. But I could not get it to work.

Then came the Spotify announcement, and I installed the Spotfy app, which works beautifully.