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InstantRemote - WiFi Mouse

Why use a WiFi mouse/touchpad or a WiFi remote control?

For Smart TV (IPTV) the best solution is a Home Theater PC Setup (HTPC), as any modern PC outperforms any Smart TV, streaming device, setup box, mini PC etc. But you don't want the PC in the Livingroom - if nothing else because of the noise. So you will need a long HDMI cable from your PCs video-card to one of your TVs HDMI ports, and you will need a remote control function with long range. The HDMI cable could be up to 30 m long. But the range of RF (radio frequency) remote controls is usually limited to 10 m. You can increase this with max 5 USB active (repeater) extension cables or 5 self powered USB hubs - each adding 5 m (for USB3.0 only 3 m). Or you can use WiFi instead, which means you can place the PC anywhere in your house within the WiFi range of your router.

There is a wide assortment of apps in the Google Play Store offering WiFi remote control functions, many of them for free. Some of the pricier apps offer MultiMedia functions, advanced keyboard functions, voice control and programmable functions. The free apps usually offer the basic touchpad functions for cursor controls and many of them also Zoom In/Out and Scroll Up/Down.

Scrolling down with 2 fingers

View Video 2 min
My favourite WiFi Mouse app is InstantRemote by Malte Hausmann. In addition to the basic cursor control it features pinch to zoom and two finger scroll. What more do you need? And its server works on all platforms as it is a java-script. For me it is important that it works on whichever partition I have booted my PC from - Linux, Win 7 or Win XP.

It seems as though Malte has withdrawn the app from the Google Play Store - but you can get it here:

The app: de.malte.remote.apk - install to your smartphone or tablet

The server: RemoteServer.jar - run on your PC

Thanks Malte - hope you don't mind!