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Making Mobile Calls without having a SIM-card - Skype

This is about dialing to landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world using WiFi, rather than using a GSM/LTE service - a SIM card is thus not needed. This is VoIP - Voice-over-Internet protocol.

If you live in North America there are many VoIP services that let you get a phone number, often for free. Some of these allow international calls, such as Google Voice, which now if you like can be merged with Google Hangouts, which has the lowest call rates that I have found. So I got myself a free Google Voice Number

Skype is an alternative VoIP service. Both Skype and Hangouts provide free video and phone calls and IM (Instant Messaging) over VoIP to recipients who also have Skype and Hangouts.
Recording of a video conversation: View Video 3 min

It might not be as well known that Skype, like Hangouts, allows telephone calls and SMS text messages to phones. Here is a price comparison for calls and SMS:

For updated prices see here!

SMS now with Google Voice instead of Hangouts

Tap the phone symbol to get a dialer
or tap a contact with the phone symbol!

Dialer app - click for Win dialer!

What about people wanting to phone you? You can get a Skype Number. Monthly prices are between 6.00 and $2.50, very much dependent on if you get a Call Plan, and which kind of Call Plan you get.