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Screen Recording on Android - No Root
Mobizen v. Recordable

This is about two apps for screen recording on Android. Neither of them require root access. I have made two videos to compare the two apps:

Half a year ago I found the app "Recordable" for screen recording on Android without the need for root access. I started with the free version and then paid 1.99 (now 5.99) to get the pro version "EASY screen recorder NO ROOT", aka "Recordable". It has a rather cumbersome PC activation process with USB, as it has to be done again after rebooting the device. At times it is rather difficult to get the PC to recognize the device or to activate it. I prefer not using Windows 7 for the activation, but rather Windows XP or Linux. I have been looking for alternatives to avoid the activation. Addendum 2015-06-06: With the Lollipop API activation, is no longer needed for new versions of Recordable.

One little problem is recording in Landscape mode: When viewing the created video in Windows, the Recordable videos are shown in Portrait mode. This is easily remedied - I use the Avidemux video editor, which has a filter for turning the video 90, and also a filter for resampling of the very low frame rates rendered by the app.

Avidemux to edit
applying filters


Now I have found the app "Mobizen-Your Android, Anywhere". It is free and does not require root access. No special activation process is needed for screen recording.

But it has a "Booster mode", which does require a similar PC activation process with USB. Windows 7 activates without problems. The Booster mode mirrors the Android device onto the PC screen and allows some actions on the device from the PC, such as copying files, in some ways similar to AirDroid.

Addendum 2015-03-03: I have added a 1 min video about the Booster Mode, as I in the first video had not made it clear that the tablet also can be managed from the PC screen.

Booster mode
Lag about 1 sek


The Booster mode of Mobizen is very clever, but I don't think I will be using it. The low frame rates rendered by both apps require video editing, so the need to rotate the Recordable videos is not a problem for me. What does make a difference for me is that Mobizen does not require activation before screen recording. From now on Mobizen will be my first choice.

Addendum 2015-02-08: I have just been alterted about a third app for screen recording without requiring root access: AZ Screen Recorder, and it does not require any special PC activation procedure. Does require Lollipop. Video 1 min

Addendum 2015-03-03: There are another two new apps for screen recording which do not require root access: Lollipop Screen Recorder and Mirror Beta. They also do not require any special PC activation procedure. With the official Lollipop APIs rooting is no longer necessary. We can expect more apps like this!