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MultiBoot - RECAP

To MultiBoot my BIOS-MBR system PC I use the Ranish Partition Manager. Today my main reason for MultiBoot is to keep on top of several Linux distros and to evaluate some experimental systems such as Android-x86. And still use Windows 7 as my main operating system (I am getting the free upgrade to Windows 10 - after that I will decide about possibly moving to Linux as main system).
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Originally I started with MultiBoot to be able to Backup & Restore, to copy or replace (using Xcopy) the Windows Registry, which can easily be done if you boot another Windows partition - thus dualboot. I also found it useful to backup and restore Linux partitions - cloning the entire partition - by booting another Linux partition and applying PartImage. Later I found out the hard way that you should keep your backups on different hard disks - so now I have two disk drives, each with 4 primary partitions and a couple of hidden, experimental partitions.

I use mainly Grub1 and Grub 2 (prettier) bootmenus, rather than the Windows 7 bootmenu, which I find a bit more awkward to update.

Ranish Bootmenu

Grub1 Bootmenu

I am very pleased with my BIOS-MBR system, but it is obsolete. Since about 2011 new PC:s ship with the much more complicated UEFI-GPT system. My PC bought in 2010 still feels like it might have a few more years to go. After that I will have to bite the bullet, or consider myself obsolete!