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My PC and TV Hook-up

We bought a Chromecast dongle and 2:nd TV, for the Conservatory. After a couple of weeks testing I decided to move the Mini PC and the NowTV Box to the Conservatory. A bit later we bought another YouView box for the Conservatory - this one without the recording feature. The Chromecast dongle is now being moved around between the Living room and the Conservatory.


We are using the Freeview (over-the-air) TV broadcasting service, which gives us about 100 SD channels (of which we hardly ever watch 90). Also we get 6 HD channels through the YouView Box - but don't perceive much difference - 40" screen and viewing distance about 3 m.

About 80% of our viewing is BBC. Cable is not available in our part of the UK - so we are not "cord-cutters", but rather "cord-nevers". The Broadband is through the telephone landlines (ADSL - all ISP:s use the same net, managed by BT). Our speed is "up to 20 Mbps" - in practice about 15 Mbps - more than adequate for PAL SD.

For additional entertainment in the living room nothing can compete with our "Home Theater TV" setup, i.e. a 7 m long HDMI cable from the PC's video card, through the wall to one of the TV's HDMI ports. Our PCs monitor has the same resolution as the TV, 1920x1080, which gives us PAL HD. To control the PC from the TV couch we use a RF remote control, which works even though the PC is on the other side of a wall.
Our living room hook-up:

(at times Chromecast dongle)

YouView Box, Humax 2012
HD digital TV tuner 1920x1080
500GB hard disk
View Video 3 min

40" TV Samsung - LE40M8, 2007
SD digital TV tuner, upscales to 1920x1080

Sony DVR - HXD870, 2007
SD digital TV tuner, upscales to 1920x1080
160 GB harddisk
The video cable could be 20 m - or possibly even 30 m - the limitation will be the range of the remote. Most RF remotes have a range up to 10 m, but this can be increased by 5 m by using a USB extender for the RF receiver (or by 25 m by using 5 self powered USB hubs or 5 active (repeater) USB extension cables in series!)


The TV is 24" (LG 24MN43D), bought in 2014, it is very basic - not a Smart TV - PAL SD, but upscales to resolution 1920x1080 PAL HD. It can play music and videos through its USB-port, as well as showing photos and slide shows.
View Video 1 min

The TV has only one HDMI port, so we use a small HDMI switch - three ports in and one out. It is fairly easy to get to the manual switch. HDMI ports:
  • TV HDMI connected to the HDMI Switch
    • #1 from the YouView Box *
    • #2 from the mini PC
    • #3 from the NowTV Box
    * at times instead from the Chromecast dongle

Front view

Right View

For more details about my equipment you can check an even older version.
Link to Internet TV - Smart TV.