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PC and TV Hook-up

This is how I hook-up my PC with the TV in the next room, in order to View Videos on the TV. All connections are wired, which I prefer, as I can easily hide the 7 meter long cables (it would be possible to use WiFi with a NAS device near the TV).

Video Card:
ATI Radeon 5750
VGA-VGA cable to monitor (AOC F22S+ 1920x1080) and DVI-HDMI cable to the TV (Samsung LE40M 1920x1080). The TV shows a clone of the monitor screen

Video showing Hook-up - 1 min
PC and TV Hook-up
TV Card (PCI):
Hauppauge 88x WinTV Nova TD
Terestial TV arial input in parallel with the TV and IR output in parallel to the IR receivers next to the PC and next to the TV. Hauppauge remote control

Audio Card:
Intel HDA
Audio cables in parallel to the speakers by the PC and to the audio input of the TV

RF Mouse:
RF Keyboard:

Transmits through the wall, USB receiver by the PC

Sitting in the TV couch I prefer using the Hauppauge remote control - rather than the Logitech RF mouse and RF keyboard. I have recently found smartphone apps for my Nexus 7 tablet to help me with quick web site navigation and entering text in search boxes: Advanced Touchpad, Remote Trackpad and Instant Remote. I prefer the latter one as it also works with Linux.

RF Remotes have the advantage that they can transmit through a wall. With the new generation of Android based mini PC sticks - which plug into one of the TV:s HDMI ports - there has emerged a series of RF remotes transmitting to a USB receiver. I have bought three RF Remotes for evaluation. They work with Windows and Linux as well as Android. The gesture control of the cursor is a bit tricky on Windows and Linux though, but can be mastered with some practice? The alternative is touchpad control of the cursor - might be better!

I also for use this setup to View Movies/Video-on-Demand on the TV and for Surfing the Internet on the TV.