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PushBullet - Notifications

PushBullet started by pushing notes and files from your PC Desktop to your Smartphone or Tablet - on the same network - or vice versa - from your Android device to your PC Desktop. It has now evolved into a fully fledged Instant Messaging (IM) app.

PushBullet can be installed as a browser extension. The browser has to be running. Hangouts requires me to have Chrome running in the background all the time, so I chose to use the Chrome extension for PushBullet too. The setup is the same on all my PCs partitions (Win 7, Win XP and Linux) and they share the Chrome Desktop "device". On Windows 7 I have an extra PushBullet beta "device".

View Video 7 min

PushBullet on the Desktop

PushBullet (Beta) on the Desktop

Now PushBullet can also mirror the device notifications onto your PC. In the Android settings you can choose for which apps to enable notification mirroring to the Desktop. I selected all communications related apps (which might be a bit of an overkill). PushBullet allowed more apps than AirDroid and the Desktop Notfications app.

Settings: Notifications forwarding

Notifications forwarding

For SMS and IM (Instant Messaging) like WhatApp, the notifications can even be replied to directly on the PC. On the Tablet I don't have a SIM-card and thus no proper SMS, but with Hangouts I can receive SMS from anywhere (but only reply to recipients in North America). But for WhatsApp the direct reply on the PC is a really cool feature - maybe even better than that of the WhatsApp Web Chrome extension.