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Remote Control - Linux

On my desktop PC I have a Hauppauge TV Card. It includes a remote control, primarily intended for managing the TV channels - but it can also handle many of the other programs - also on Linux with LIRC.

Hauppauge Remote Control
Hauppauge Remote Control
Remote Control Table
Remote Control Table
The remote can also control a virtual mouse pointer with LIRC View Video 2 min, which works with all programs, not just Firefox. The virtual mouse is controlled by the numpad of the remote control by tapping the Sub/CC-key (#) on the remote. However, Lirc does not provide SMS texting capability.

For Firefox there are 6 different control files:
  • firefox.lircrc for family videos using VLC and starting other programs with numpad
  • mozilla.lircrc for music videos using VLC and starting music videos with numpad
  • web.lircrc main for Internet
  • web1.lircrc for texting in search boxes
  • web2.lircrc for special texting
  • youtube.lircrc for YouTube LeanBack and texting
Tap for the Full Remote Control Table!

There is a distinct difference here compared to Windows, as to how the video menus work. In Linux both Firefox and VLC are active and receiving commands. Therefore the commands have to be restricted in the Firefox and Mozilla modes, so as to not interfere with VLC modes and vice versa. The normal exit command is the Power button, used for the VLC modes - but for the Firefox and Mozilla modes the Back/Exit button has to be used instead. The Firefox Web modes do not have to be restricted, as VLC is not active.

default: .lircrc






The Default section (mode irexec) is mainly used to start programs (and so is Picasa and the Firefox mode). The VLC modes send the commands to the media player and the numpad is used to start videos. There are three VLC modes: vlc = Brazilian music, vlcmusic = Music videos and vlcjazz = Jazz videos.

The Firefox Web modes are used to change between frequently used web sites and the virtual mouse pointer (esp. the web mode), SMS texting (esp. the web1 mode), the Family video menus (Firefox mode) - which also starts other programs, and Brazilian music videos (Mozilla mode).

The two main video menus are found at the Blue button (Brazilian Music Videos) and the GO button (Family Videos). VLC of course also works without Firefox playing video playlists.

The next step is to enjoy viewing your videos sitting in the TV sofa. Here is my PC and TV Hook-up!.