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Remote Controls for Smart TV:s

Remote Control for full size Smart TVs: There has been a lot of progress lately in input methods, especially for quick navigation, using wii type pointers and touchpads. To enter text in search boxes Smart TV:s mainly rely on a virtual keyboards on the TV screen using arrow keys or touchpads - only Philips has a full Querty keyboard. Texting with voice input shows considerable promise. Sony uses keyboard and voice control in its Google TV.

Touchpad Remote

Gesture Touchpad
LG Magic
Motion Remote

Gesture Scroll-Wheel
Panasonic Touchpad

Sony NFC

One-touch smartphone
All manufacturers have smartphone apps for cursor control and text input

Philips Remote
Gesture Keyboard
View Video - 6 min
Remote Controls for Smart TV:s

Smartphone apps can also assist with quick web site navigation and entering text in search boxes, such as: Advanced Touchpad, Remote Trackpad and Instant Remote. I prefer the latter one as it also works with Linux. They all use WiFi.

RF Remote Controls: With the advent of the new Android based mini PC sticks - which plug into one of the TV:s HDMI ports - a series of RF remotes has emerged, all transmitting to a USB receiver. They have left and right mouse buttons and navigation buttons (left/right/up/down/enter). They work with Windows and Linux as well as Android.

Remotes with Gesture Control of Cursor:
All the remotes below have gesture control of the cursor movements and querty keyboard. All but the TSM-01 have voice control and multi-media controls. The cursor control can be a bit tricky in Windows and Linux though, but can be mastered with some practice?
Measy RC13
Rii mini i13
IR Multifunction
MiniX NEO A2

Mele F10 Pro

Tronsmart TSM-01
Volume Rocker
Remotes with Touchpad Control of Cursor:
Measy RC12

Rii MWK01 V3

Laser Pointer

SMK-Link VP6364

Logitech K400r

Pinch to zoom

These four remotes have touchpad control of the cursor movements, multi-media controls and querty keyboard. Neither of them has voice control.

Link to My RF Remotes for Smart TV