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Internet TV - Smart TV

Six part series on YouTube: Links to Blog: Links to YouTube:
1. Introduction & Hook-up Hook-up Introduction  3    min
2. The YouView Box YouView YouView  7 min
3. The NowTV Box NowTV NowTV  7    min
4. Remote Controls Remotes Remotes  6    min
5. The Android TV box (mini PC) mini PC mini PC  5 min
6. Conclusions: See below! Conclusion 10   min

PC:s beat full size Smart TV:s (and mini PC:s) - use a video cable from the PC to the TV!

Mini PC will be the way to turn a TV into a Smart TV - mini PC:s need to mature a bit though!

Remote Control of Cursor Movement still a bit awkward - also for full size TVs remotes?

For TV Catch-up - use the YouView Box! - very convenient!

For Videos on the PC   -   use the PC to TV screen method!
e.g. Family Videos                                                 Direct Play!

For Movies on Demand -  use the PC to TV screen method!

For leisurely Internet Surfing           -             use the Tablet!