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Installing WhatsApp on Tablet without SIM-Card

This applies to Android tablets, such as Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 - WiFi only, without a SIM-card. You'll need to have a phone number handy, that you later use with your tablet (I am using my Google Voice Number, but some people report that you can even use a landline number, as this number is only used in the registration process).

Previously I used the Helium (or Carbon) method, but WhatsApp has recently become disabled from backup with Helium. So instead I will from now on use this method, which actually is more simple!
  • Sideload WhatsApp
  • Run WhatsApp
  • You will be asked for the tablet's telephone number
  • You will be sent an SMS with a 6 digit code, but it will fail
  • Choose the option to get the code with a telephone call instead
  • Enter the 6 digit code
WhatsApp Web:

Now you are also able to connect to WhatsApp on the PC (also without a SIM-card)! Using a Chrome Browser in Windows or Linux, go to the site, and then on your Android phone or tablet start WhatsApp, go to Menu/WhatsApp Web, and you will be able to log in by scanning the QR-code on the web page.
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WhatsApp on PC