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Windows 10 Installation

Microsoft is giving me a free upgrade to Windows 10, because I have a Windows 7 license. Today is the launch day, July 30, 2015.
I have used Linux since 2006, and decided over a year ago, that I won't pay for having Windows preinstalled on my next PC. But as this update is free, let's give Windows 10 a chance! And my present PC will hopefully last me another 2-3 years.

Part 1: Preparation, 2015-07-30

The big question is this: Should I have a clean install, or upgrade?
View Video 3 min

A clean install would mean formatting the Windows 7 partition, Drive C: with 700 GB, my main partition. I have backups on Drive D:, 400 GB, of all Windows 7 system files, and all multimedia and office files residing on C: The D: drive is almost full.

I have no backup of the DVD folder (family dvd:s) and the Winbak folder (working files for make my YouTube Channel videos). Both these folders are over 100 GB each. I would like to find space for them on D:, but that would require a lot of tiding up and also deleting the Windows 7 system backups. And that would really mean taking the plunge!

Or should I upgrade and take advantage of all the personalized settings and save time on reinstalling programs? And risk getting a very buggy system? I am leaning towards a clean install.

Before: Windows 7 Desktop

Today Microsoft should start rolling out Windows 10 - but I don't suppose I am on the priority list. Hopefully the wait for the next part will not be too long!

Part 2: Installation Media, 2015-08-01

Had decided upon doing a clean install, so I had done a lot of backups and tidying up. The first step involved creating installation media, in my case on a 4 GB USB flash drive. This worked well, but was very slow, 5 hours. The question is still: should I have a clean install, or upgrade? To make sure you get the product key, you have to upgrade before you make a clean install??
View Video 3 min

Part 3: Upgrade?, 2015-08-02

I had decided to make a clean install, but changed my mind. To ensure that I get the product key, I instead made an upgrade.

The first problem was that the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 is incompatible and had to be uninstalled, but its msi-file could not be found. Trying first to hack the registry, and then download the setup file from MS to reinstall the Virtual PC. This did not change the mind of the Media Creation Tool. Decided to reboot.

After rebooting I ran the Media Creation Tool - to my chock it restarted from the very beginning of the installation process. This time around the Virtual PC could be uninstalled though. But eventually got this error message: "Something Happend - We cannot tell if your PC has enough space to continue installing Windows 10. Try restarting Setup!" My Windows 7 partitions PC has over 350 GB free!

Restarted the Media Creation Tool and got this error message: "Setup couldn't start properly. Please reboot your PC and try running Windows 10 setup again!" Not a very successful upgrade!
View Video 4 min

Upgrade?, 2015-08-03

I recalled that about 20 years ago Microsoft used to require Windows on Drive 1, Partition 1. On my PC Windows 7 is on Drive 2, Partition 1, so I removed Drive 1, and reapplied the Media Creation Tool: It started upgrading!.

However, in the middle of the upgrading process it got stuck, and after a long wait, I decided to switch the PC off, and rebooted, and was met by The screen saying "Restoring your previous version of Windows".

After that Windows 7 would not boot, claiming that the registry was missing. Booted my Windows XP partition and copied over a backup copy of the Windows 7 registry, and rebooted Windows 7 successfully. What to do now?

Really Clean Install 2015-08-04

Reapplied the Media Creation Tool but with one variation: only keeping personal files (before also programs). Also now the upgrading was stuck after a reboot about half the way through the process. I proceeded as before, but this time there was no screen saying "Restoring your previous version of Windows". Tried to restore using the USB-stick created in part 2, but to no avail. The message was that the Windows 10 partition was locked - and I could not find information about how to unlock it.

In my frustration I decided to reformat the partition, by reinstalling Windows 7 from scratch. Then I applied the Media Creation Tool to upgrade to Windows 10, which now worked all the way through - Windows 10 started! Got the Product Key using Speccy and used the USB-stick to make a clean install. Once back in Windows 10, I applied the Product Key and activated my genuine Windows 10. Voila!

After checking that Windows 10 worked okay I concentrated on getting all the backed-up files (totally about 300 GB) back onto to the Windows 10 partition, by booting a Windows XP partition. About half I moved and the other half I copied over, and let the copying continue during the night.

After: Windows 10 Desktop

Disaster 2015-08-05

I attempted booting Linux, but failed. Tried booting another Linux partition, still would not boot. Checked the logfiles and found that the Windows 10 partition could not be mounted. Disabled the partition from mounting at boot time. When Linux finished booting I tried mounting again. Error message: Cannot mount the Windows partition. Windows is hybernated! - I had not hypbernated Windows 10 - I thought I did a normal shutdown.

How to change this hybernation setting? Finally found it: Untick the "Turn on fast start-up" (Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Power Options / Change what power button does, under shutdown settings). Yes, now no problem booting Linux. Well, after a few weeks the problem did return. Decided to remove hybernation forever (hopefully) by running "powercfg /h off" in a terminal as administrator.

Disaster: Then I noticed that none of the 300 GB I had copied over the night before was there! How could that possibly have happend? What I had moved (and not copied over) was now completely lost for me: The Plex folder with mp4 versions of video files (all of which I still have in avi container version), thousands of free Ebooks (could be downloaded again) and all the working files used to make my YouTube Channel videos (still have the finished video files).

Success 2015-08-06

Have now copied over those backed-up files that were not lost, and started installing programs. I quite like the feel of Windows 10, and it is fast. Now I have no problems with losing files copied over from Windows XP or from Linux. Could the "fast start-up" setting have locked existing files and at boot-time have selectively formatted all except the locked files?? Have not managed to recreate this problem.

Installing Programs 2015-08-07

Have reinstalled more than half of the programs I want, the situation right now as per the picture to the right. Notably I need yet to define which programs to use for E-mail and photo editing.
View Video 5 min

For now I am prioritizing on the previous capabilities before I start learning what Windows 10 has to offer additionally as far as programs (such as Edge browser and Cortana) and other features. I am quite impressed with what I have seen so far.

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