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Windows 10 - UPDATE

Since March 2017 I have been using Windows 10 as my default operating system, and I am now very pleased with it! That was not always the case, and for the last two years I have kept changing the default between Windows 10 and Windows 7, feeling more at ease with the latter. But now I finally prefer Windows 10, after having applied the Creators Update (1703)!

Only a month after Windows 10 was launched I installed it on my previous PC (spec). The Win 10 Installation was quite an ordeal, but in the end I got there! There were some problems with Win 10, refusing to shutdown or it got stuck shutting down. Especially annoying this was when the system wanted to update. Things improved with the November 2015 update(1511), but I still felt more comfortable with Win 7 as the default.

My old PC conqued out in April 2016, so I installed onto the new PC (spec) and made a real effort to use Win 10 as default. But I had all kinds of problems - now being on a UEFI/GPT system - as shown here and here. But eventually I did learn how to handle GPT - though mostly the hard way. But I switched back to Windows 7 as default due to what I called erratic problems.

Win10 Screenshot

At the beginning of 2017 I finally realized the cause of the erratic problems. Running a multiboot system with Linux and Android-x86 on ext3 and ext4 partitions, I of course wanted to mount these partitions from Windows. For this I use the excellent Ext2Fsd Volume Manager in Windows. But when there is a "dirty" ext3/4 partiton on the system, the Windows File Manager chokes trying to mount it using Ext2Fsd.

Windows chkdsk doesn't acknowledge a "dirty" ext partition, and can thus not be expected to clean this "dirty" drive. To escape a corrupt File Manager you will have to start the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and restart the Windows Explorer. This does not really solve the problem, which will still be there until you clean the "dirty" partition by booting a Linux partition and performing "e2fsck -f" to clean it.

Often used programs(updated)

In retrospect I wonder how much of my early problems with Win 10 were actually caused by the toxic combination of "dirty" ext partitions and Ext2Fsd !?