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Windows RECAP

For 25 years Windows has been my main operating system, but 10 years ago I started to use Linux as a secondary operating system, and about 2 years ago I felt no longer prepared to pay for Windows, if I had to renew my PC. My present PC was bought in 2010, but it still seemed good for another year or two?
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Windows and Linux work just as well for most applications, such as internet, office and a long list of others. But some applications do influence my choice of system at boot time:

Video calls: The Skype client for Linux client is not as good as the Windows one. I would just as well use Google Hangouts, which works very well on Linux. But family and friends use Skype, so I boot Windows when I know that I will be using Skype.

Backup: I use Xcopy for incremental backup of those office and data files, that have changed since the previous backup. Xcopy only works in Windows. For Linux I could write a script to do similar backup, but I don't know how to get the /D switch to work (if you do know, please inform me!). This switch governs the incremental part.

File Management: For heavy file management I prefer the Windows File Manager - difficult to pinpoint exactly why - I just feel more in control with Windows.

Screen Recording: For screen recording I prefer the SSR, SimpleScreenRecorder on Linux. The problems I am having in Windows could probably be resolved by using different codecs.

And the future?

Two things have changed: Almost a year ago I got a free upgrade to Windows 10, which functions very well. On Linux I prefer the graphic interface called KDE, which I use for Kubuntu, Fedora and openSuse. A year ago KDE was upgraded to what they call Plasma5 - very ambitious, but it introduced quite a few bugs. So lately I have not used Linux very much. I am hoping for Plasma version 5.6 coming to the new Linux Kubuntu version 16.04 just released.

Only when my present PC conks out will I decide wheather to go for Linux or pay for the Windows 10 licence.

My PC did conk out in April 2016, so I had to make a quick decision. Decided to get Windows 10 preinstalled and got the licence with the DVD, so I am better prepared for next time, hopefully not too soon!

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