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View BBC iPlayer outside the UK

I am not in favour of state monopolies, but the BBC is one exception. It creates so many good programs, documentaries and dramas, that the need for paid up subscription services such as Netflix does not feel too compelling. Also BBC4 broadcasts many foreign movies such as the Swedish Wallander and the Danish Borgen, The Killings and The Bridge. BBC does not come for free though. The yearly TV licence is 145.50 ($15/month).

The BBC iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Bigscreen are available for PC:s, smartphones and smart internet TV:s. Requires Flash! For all the BBC channels you can view all broadcasts during the previous week. In some cases the last two weeks. And in the case of programs series you can view from the start. And you can watch live TV. There are similar services in Europe and in the US - but I have yet to come across one that is nearly as good and free (if you have paid the TV licence).

If you are outside the UK they block you because they believe you have not paid the TV licence. But I have! On the PC I apply an unblocker like Media Hint or Hola Unblocker. Both are available as free add-on extensions to the PC versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Enjoy viewing BBC from the TV couch - here is my PC and TV Hook-up!.

On android smartphones and tablets there is no support at present for Media Hint. The free Hola Unblocker app works for me outside the UK on my Nexus 7 tablet with the Firefox browser, which allows Flash (unlike the Chrome browser for android) after installing this script.