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Joćo Gilberto - Brazilian Singer

Joćo Gilberto was born in 1931 in Juazeiro, Bahia. His recordings include many songs by Antōnio Carlos Jobim and Vinķcius de Moraes, which established the new musical genre of bossa nova in the late 1950s. Joćo Gilberto's breakthrough came in 1959 with the LP "Chega de Saudade", with mainly compositions written by Tom Jobim.

By 1962 bossa nova had been embraced by North American jazz musicians such as Herbie Mann, Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz, who invited Gilberto and Jobim to collaborate on what became one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time, Getz/Gilberto. Through this album, Gilberto's then wife Astrud — who had never sung professionally prior to this recording session — became an international star, and the Jobim/de Moraes composition The Girl from Ipanema became a worldwide pop music standard.

Joćo Gilberto is the father of the singer Bebel Gilberto via his second marriage to Miścha (sister of Chico Buarque).

Joćo Gilberto
Joćo Gilberto

Some songs with Beth Carvalho:

Aquarela do Brasil
One Note Samba
Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
Wave 1983
Retrato em Branco e Preto 1985
Corcovado 1992 with Tom Jobim
Chega de Saudade 1992 with Tom Jobim
A Garota de Ipanema 1992 with Tom Jobim
O Pato 2000 with Caetano Veloso

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