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SMS on Tablet with Android Messages for Web

The Android Messages app has just received a new feature "Messages for web", allowing your PC to show a mirror of your mobile phone's SMS conversations. I tried it on my Tablet, it works, and I can even send SMS from the tablet! (the mobile phone has to be connected to WiFi or telecom network though)

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I don't use my mobile phone very much - instead I prefer my tablet, at present Galaxy TAB S2, WiFi only. And I do not partitcularly like using SMS, which costs me 6p /message, whereas IM (Instant Messaging) is free. However, not all friends have the same IM apps as I do (Hangouts, Skype, Allo - and if I have to - Facebook Messenger). And even if they do, they are not always connected to WiFi. So there are occasions when I would like the SMS capability on my tablet. But how, without a SIM-card?

First I had to get a phone number on the tablet. I chose to get a free Google Voice number, which is a US number. The Voice app allows sending (free) SMS to North America only. It is also possible to sideload Whatsapp onto the tablet, registering it with the Google Voice number. Using the ALLO app with the Google Voice number I managed to send free SMS, not only to North America, but also to UK friends. But I have been looking for a total SMS capability for the tablet, to send to and receive SMS from anywhere. With Android Messages for Web I get this capability, as long as the mobile phone is connected. The SMS charges of the mobile phone applies.

On the mobile phone run the Android Messages app, go to the menu and choose "Messages for Web". In a browser on your tablet (or PC) go to, and a QR code is shown. Tick the box to stay connected, and then scan the QR code with the phone. Done! The tablets shows a mirror of the phone's SMS conversations. Save a bookmark to the Home screen!

Messages for Web