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Running Windows XP on a USB3 Flash Drive

In 2014 I managed to run Windows XP on a SanDisk Cruzer Blade (USB2), but it was very, very slow - not worth it!. In 2016 I got a new PC with USB3 ports, giving me the opportunity to run Windows XP at reasonable speeds on fast USB3 flash drives. However, I kept getting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, BSOD, whatever I tried. I gave up, and instead installed Windows 10, which runs very well.

Now in 2019 I was going to clean up my computer files by getting rid of everything related to Windows XP, but decided to first make a final attempt. I disconnected all three hard disk drives and disabled the USB3 Controller in BIOS temporarily. Yes, the install of XP to the Sandisk Ultra USB3.0 flash drive on an USB2 port functioned (for the very first time on this PC), and also the first boot functioned without getting BSOD! Like on previous attempts I had used the "slipstreamed" installation CD with XP SP3.

I updated the motherboard chipset drivers for XP and installed a few programs. I was not able to do Windows Update as the webpage could not be displayed. Upgraded to Internet Explorer 8.0, but the problem was still there. Any suggestions? Up to this point all had been done booting on an USB2 port and the system was quite fast - very much an improvement over the Cruzer Blade in 2014. But booting on a USB3 port resulted in BSOD.

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