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Last Updated:

Web Bookmarks on Android TV Home Screen
TV App Repo

I wanted to put a Web Bookmark ("Shorts.html") onto the Home screen, amongst the favourite apps. I prefer using the Chrome browser, which I have sideloaded. Using HALauncher I have managed to create a Web Bookmark with Chrome, but it is not on the Home Screen. Details here.

Found the app TV AppRepo on APKMirror, which I downloaded and then sideloaded onto to our Sony Bravia Android TV (KD-43XD8088).

Start the app and then tap on the "Web Bookmark" icon to create an URL shortcut for the default browser (in my case Chrome). It will then show up in the main APP Drawer. Longpressing will allow you to add the app to the favourites, which was my aim. Note the banner!

View Video 2 min Another Video 4 min

TV App Repo

Create Shortcut

App Drawer

Add to Favourites

Home Screen
App Favourites