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Video Menus written in HTML

On my PC's hard disk I have 10 hours of high resolution music videos mostly downloaded from YouTube. About half is Brazilian popular music, the rest other popular music such as ABBA, Frank Sinatra & Michael Bublé and some jazz.

I use HTML and Notepad to write the menus. They can be opened with any browser and one can navigate the menus by sending keyboard shortcuts to the browser with an IR remote control. I mainly use Firefox. When using the remote control it is only to tab/toggle down on the menus to choose the artist. This opens the artist's song page and then tab again to choose the song, which will play on the default media player. The menus for the family videos function in the same way and so does this web site.

Here is an example of html code. Tap for the web the page! Screenshot

To complement the remote control for quick web site navigation and entering text in search boxes, I also use either of these smartphone apps with my tablet: Advanced Touchpad, Remote Trackpad or Instant Remote.

The next step is to enjoy your videos sitting in the TV sofa. Here is my PC and TV Hook-up!.