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aFreeBox - GrandSlam Bridge

DOS programs stopped working with the introduction of Windows XP in 2001. As saviour appeared DOSBox, on Windows and on Linux. I am not into retro games, but there are two programs that have stayed with me through the years: Quicken 2 and GrandSlam Bridge. On my Android tablets I used AnDOSBox but this app did not work on my newest tablet Samsung TAB S2. This has a different form-factor and the link to bring up the keyboard fell below the screen. I found another DOSBox app: aFreeBox

View Video 1 min

I bought the GrandSlam Bridge program in 1986, when I was living in Canada. There are many better programs around, but I still use it because it is so simple - and still enough of a challenge. The computer partnership is surprisingly good at defending - but occasionally I have found it making very stupid discards.

You can choose bidding conventions (cue bids, strong or weak two bids, four or five card majors and level of agressiveness) for your and for the computer partnerships. There are many other options, such as deal options from completely random to random with a slanted profile.

When I am downloading or doing backup on the PC or the Tablet and have an idle minute or two, I often play a quick game of GrandSlam Bridge. The app is started with a simple batch file "b.bat"

GrandSlam Bridge
GrandSlam Bridge

I am also using aFreeBox with another DOS-program Quicken 2 for keeping track of my bank accounts, using Dropbox to syncronize with my PC.